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SME Roving Academy

The objective of this activity is to help our SME’s become more competitive by engaging and enrolling them in the 7-stage development process as follows;

Stage 1 – Start-up & Capability Building Stage

Stage 2 – Market Awareness Stage

Stage 3 – Market Readiness Stage

Stage 4 – Export Readiness Stage

Stage 5 – Export Market Entry Stage

Stage 6 – Export Sustainability Stage

Stage 7 –  Export Expansion Stage

 SME’s will be enrolled in a certain stage and they will be able to access a range of assistance and services from both government and the private sector.  On the part of DTI, we are currently extending trainings, consultancy, and market promotion so they will be able to graduate to the next level.

Some of our products like muscovado are already being sold in Japan and Korea, and our dehydrated fruits are exported all over Asia, and soon in Europe. Through this program, we hope we will be able to see more “made in Negros Oriental, Philippines” products in the world market.